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KSI Series Sinle Phase AC Outut Solid State Relay Zero Crossing or Ramdon-on Load Current: 10A-125A @48-660VAC TRIAC or SCR Output AC or DC Control Dielectric Strength ≥4000VACrms LED Indicator Build-in MOV or TVS Option Product Description KSI series single phase solid state relay use the Triac or SCR output. It is widely used in various industryapplications, and it can be used for the resistive, inductive or capacitive loads. The control voltage is 4-32VDC or 90-280VAC, load voltage is 240VAC, 380VAC, 480VAC or 600VAC. Wide load current range from 10 to 125A. Product Selection Note: ① TVS option is not available for load voltate @600VAC version. ② The load current of suffix with (016) version is only available from 10A ~ 40A. ③ The load current of suffix with (083) version is only available from 80A ~ 125A. ④ The load current of suffix with (068) version is available from 10A ~ 80A. For the 80A version, 600VAC load voltage is not available. ⑤ The load current of standard version is available from 10A ~ 60A. Technical Specification: General Information: Installation: Note: 1. When assembly with heatsink, thermal pad or thermal silicone is neccesary to be attached to the base plate of SRS. 2. When many SSR are installed closely together, the user should consider the derating as per the thermal curve above. Certification: 1) dv/dt value of KSI(240、380)D / A(10、25) series is 200V/μs dv/dt value of KSI(016) 10A & 25A series is 200V/μs 2) Suffix with (083) has no TUV certifiation.