Pipe Joint Bypass Filter Group-BK Series

Pipe Joint Bypass Filter Group-BK Series Specifications Type: Offline high-pressure oil return bypass filter Materials:Micro-glass fiber Accuracy:<3μm Filter Area :0.316㎡ Inlet Pressure: 0.7~32Mpa Return Pressure: T≤0.5MPa (Only with differential pressure indicator model) Filter Flux: Max 3 L/Min Operating Temperature:-20~120 ℃ Working Viscosity: 1~680 cSt Pressure Alert:0.21MPa Filter Weight:2 Kg Port size:Inlet P-1/4 PT Flux:≤2L/Min Return:T-1/4 PT Flux: >2L/Min Return:T-3/8 PT Features Glass fiber filter , never deformation and metamorphism Inlet port anti-clogging design, ensure long-term filtration work Differential pressure alarm shows the filter life clearly Flow control stability, filter effect significantly Small,light and easy to install Large filter area ﹑ more pollutants ﹑ long filter life. Easy to maintain and replace the filter jar INSTRUCTIONS Applicable to mineral oil &hydraulic oil, lubricants and so on. Installation of self-high pressure and return hose and its joints, in order to reduce the back pressure ,the oil return pipe hole diameter no less than 8mm, the length within 2 meters is better. With differential pressure indicator alarm device filter outlet T, available pressure pipe directly connected to the oil valve plate return oil T port , Only pay attention to oil valve plate T oil pressure is not exceed 0.5MPa. Pressure gauge filter outlet T tubing only available in the rated flow without back pressure connected. Replace the filter tank when the pressure gauge shows 2.5 bar or change the filter tank every year on time. Please follow the instructions printed on the jar when making replacement. Please treatment for environment protection when abandoned the obsolete jars. Product description Flow Control Valve Oil pressure changes, the stability of the control oil to the constant rated flow Differential Pressure Indicator Visual or electronically controlled indicator is not affected by the back pressure,when the filter element need to be replace it will output signal correctly. Fixed Support Easy to install in filter Bracket Lock Net The filter can be fixed on the bracket at the swing angle. Filter Tank Rotary filter easy replace Bypass valve Protect the filter when the up-down over-pressure bypass oil return tank Precision glass fiber filter element Glass fiber filter folded structure provides maximum dirt holding area, and difficult to deformation and metamorphism, long-term durability. Dynamic filter spool ≥0.8mm solid particles are stopped to take in the former, prevented from entering the flow control valve blockage. Hydraulic instructions Flux Demand: For the system of high pressure or oil return filter has pressure loss;And bypass filter has flux loss.There is a difference between the two.Especially the smaller flow oil pump system,when use the bypass filter should insure the suitable flux to avoid the working flux insufficient. Take Oil Point: Oiling point must be the early part of the system pressure at a high pressure, high pressure hose or pipe connections available, and take place the following optional: 1.Oil out of point 2.Oil valve plate system pressure point 3.System pressure valve pressure sampling point Attention:between the oil point and the filter can be considered the configuration needle valve, it is easy to replace the tank no need the machine pause. Oil return point: The choice of oil return and tubing configuration directly affect the efficiency of the filter, it can lead to leakage of oil or even misuse of filter life, the best is the filter back to the port at zero pressure. 1.the return point of oil groove. 2.the return point of oil valve plate(not suitable for the filter with pressure gage.) Indicator information Electronically controlled type : output mode single contact (normally open) Contact load 10W/100Vdc 0.5A Max Visual function red LED(only for S4&S5 option) Power 24-36Vdc (only for S4&S5 option) Output pressure 0.19-0.21MPa Operating temperature -20℃-120℃ Insulation method water-proof Electrical connection DIN43650 plug Visual type: Output mode mechanical blue to red indicator Output pressure 0.19-0.21MPa reset function Automatic reset operating temperature -20℃-90℃ Insulation method show point water-proof Mounting Dimension: Filter Option BK04 - 030 - F - B - N - 10 - X -S* 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Filter Element Number: SP01-030-F Filter Fineness 030 - 3μm(Please contact supplier for the others) Material F- micro-glass fibres Bypass pressure B - 0.25MPa Rubber seal N- butyronitrile ;V-fluorine Design number 10 Flux number X-1.5l/min;Y-2l/min;Z-3l/min(Please contact supplier for the others.) Alarm Configuration S1-pressure gage ;S2-visual;S3-electric contact; S4-electric contact with light(OV concurrent);S5-electric contact with light(+24V concurrent)

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