OEM Supply Plastic Injection Machine Manual - Tokyo Keiki Drectional Valves – Vega Electronic

Solenoid operated directional control valves DG4V-3 Wet type solenoid valve boasts superior valve life with low switching noise. No seals on sliding surfaces eliminates leakage worries. Many valve options including 3 types of wiring connections, indicator lamp, surge suppressor, and AC/DC rectifier. Model Code 1 Hydraulic fluid Omit: mineral oil based fluid, water-glycol based fluid F3: Phosphate ester 2 Solenoid operated directional control valve (gasket mounting) Wet armature type 3 Mounting dimensions 3: ISO 4401-03 4 Spool type See page E2-4 to E2-7 5 Spool/spring arrangement A: Spring offset, A type (2 position, single solenoid) B: Spring offset, B type (2 position, single solenoid) C: Spring centered type (3 position, double solenoid) N: No spring detented type (2 position, double solenoid) 6 Solenoid assembly configuration (for spring sets, type A and B) Omit: standard (energized: P to B, A to T) L: Left hand build (energized: P to A, B to T) 7 Electrical wiring system P: Plug-in solenoids, conduit box, G 1/2 U: DIN43650 connectors, Pg. 11 KU: Flying leads (standard lead wire length 350 mm, DC 12 V, 24 V only) 8 Electrical accessories Omit: no accessories (electrical wiring P, KU) andfor no connectors (electrical wiring U) 1: Connectors without accessories (electrical wiring U) 2: With indicator lamp (AC standard) 4: With surge suppressor (electrical wiring KU, slow solenoid deenergize) 7: With indicator lamp and surge suppressor (DC standard) 9: ADC solenoid rectifier (fast solenoid deenergization), indicator lamp and surge suppressor 12: ADC solenoid rectifier (slow solenoid deenergization), indicator lamp and surge suppressor Solenoid voltage (See page E2-2) 10 Allowable T port back pressure 7: 20.6 MPa 11 Port orifice (option) Omit: no port orifices (standard) Port orifices <Example 1> P08 (0.8 mm orifice in P port) Orifice diameter Port (A, B, P and T) <Example 2> B12 (1.2 mm orifice in B port) <Example 3> 2 port combinations Combination sequence, PTAB P10T12, P08B10, etc. 12 Design no. Specifications   Current values and power consumption varies with temperature conditions. Values shown in table are based on 30°C. In the AC/DC conversion type, AC power is used to activate the DC solenoid by the built-in rectifier, and it comes with the characteristics featured by DC solenoids. This means that the items given for the DC solenoids apply for the maximum flow. Consult Tokyo Keiki for details on solenoids for the supply voltages which are not listed aboveNote: Spool Types (Neutral Position)