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Sumitomo Hydraulic Internal Gear Pump for Servo System Specifications  Sumitomo QT series gear pump is widely used in injection molding machines,forging machinery and elevators and other mechanical equipment. Features ■ 1. low noise performance  The QT series internal gears are smooth and mute, and their excellent features are specially designed for gears. The sound is very low when used, and the sound is still smooth even at high speeds. ■ 2, high running wear resistance In addition to the simple mechanical structure, the use of advanced hydraulic oil can reduce the mechanical surface and the wear and tear of the functional parts. QT gear chestnut can run at high pressure 320bar pressure, even if the use of general hydraulic oil, it is not easy to wear pieces. ■ 3,  low pressure pulsation QT gear pump can almost completely remove the pressure wave, it can be used as the system precision control of the ideal machine tool pressure Installation Dimenstions