Factory selling Actuator - Small Injection Molding Machine – Vega Electronic

With the development of plastic injection technology, plastic masterbatches plays an important and vital role to all kinds of plastic products, in order to meet the requirements of color matching for masterbatches industry, to test the masterbatches dispersion and plasticizing, we customized a special small injection molding machines for lab- color chips making machine. The main features of this machine are:                 1.Special designed screw, improve plasticizing. 2.Machine is small, easy to operate, investment and maintenance cost is low. 3.For professional, so to be outstanding. SERIES SERVO ENERGY Excellent fashioning stability: Servo-drive system, pressure and flow close-loop control,repetitive precision signeficant increase compared with Conventional injection molding machine. Constant oil temperature: Servo motor distributes hydraulic oil eppropricately there for, oil usually will not get hot. Sometimes cooling water becomes annesses sary. Considerably energy-saving: Compared with fixed pump machine, this series can save 20%-80%of the power the same condition. Reliable environmental protection: Low-noise while machine running. especially for low speed running. Rapid response: Servodrive has rapid response, which improve 50% starting time.