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General Data: The Ultract lll servo motors were conceived and designed as an advanced and homogeneous range of high performance servo actuators, in line with the evolving demands of the automation industry, and is particularly suited for direct drive applications. The Ultract lll servo motors reach the highest torque/size and power/size ratios in the industry. They are designed for sinusoidal control and embody, as standard feedback devices, optical or inductive encoders, custom designed for motor operation, which offer a bsolute resolution up to 8 million points/rev thus affording the best motion uniformity even at the lowest speed, or multiturn absolute encoders, all with serial Endat interface and electronic nameplate. With this features, the limits of mechanical transmissions are overcome and a vast range of applications can be transferred to direct drive technology. The Ultract lll servo motors have 7 series that range from the size 3 to the size 18,and flange size range from 75mm to 360mm, torque range from 0.2NM to 2000NM,maximum output power can reach 300KW. Different cooling ways: natural convection, servo fan cooled and liquid cooling.The Ultract lll servo motors also have lower inertia, high response and accuracy etc, intended for direct, distributed drive of continuous process lines, in view of the progressive elimination of long transmission shafts. Specification of Standard Models:
Type  Brushless PM AC servomotors, low inertia, high angular stiffness
Rotor  Syntered, high temperature rare earth, mech anically fastened magnets(without bonding) 
lnsulation  Motor: Class F according to DlN  0530 Winding: Class H according to DlN 0530, special high frequency winding suitable for long wiring with high frequency PWM waveforms 
Bearings  Heavy duty, life lubricated; 
Balancing  Grade R (reduced tolerance )
Concentricity andperpendicularity of mounting flange  Grade R(reduce tolerance)according to IEC 72-DIN 0530
Shaft  cylindrical shaft without keyway, or shaft with key 
Cooling Options  Natural convection IC0041Size 7/10/13/18 option Fan cooling Size 7/10/13/18 option water cooling 
Working position  lP 65IP 54(motor with fan cooling) 
Working position  Stray capacitance to ground 
Position sensor  Sincos Encoder,heidenhainAbsolute encoder,heidenhain Endat/ Sick Hiperface Incremental encoder,Tamagawa/Danaher Resolver,Tamagawa 
Safety brake  According to the motor can choose different torque by safety brake 
Connector lndustrial circular type, signal or signal + power